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An emotional appeal of how the proportion of furloughed workers at NASA shows us where our priorities lie.

By: Omid Amirtabar

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The consensus is undeniable: America’s October 2013 government shutdown was a blundering disaster both at home and around the world. Domestically, it reflected on the dysfunctional nature of the federal government and its apparent inability to accomplish anything. Globally, it is an axiomatic representation of America’s realistic decline around the world (another topic for another article, see also America’s Manifest Destiny in the 21st Century).

When the shutdown is examined carefully, some services were kept running while others simply packed up and went home until October 17. Services that remained open are considered “essential”, which in layman’s terms means is required for the United States of America to function. Some of those choices on who is essential is logical. Troops in the field cannot…

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