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When the furlough first happened, the federal employees seemed a little scared but also pretty excited. Buzzfeed posted an article entitled D.C. Is Just As Drunk As You Think It Is. Well, no joke; we were. I had the fortune of ending up at a bar on the first day of the furlough. At 2 p.m. on a Tuesday, I was with a fellow actor. We had just finished performing for a class across the street, a gig which we did not get paid for, and decided to do what starving artists do best and lament our plight over a glass of beer. We were promptly bombarded by drunk employees from the EPA, one of whom insisted I buy him a shot because, poor him, he was furloughed. He’s a mitigator, and boo hoo, he’ll be getting his paycheck late this month. Ha! After explaining to him that furlough or…

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